Smithfield Hall

New york City

35% higher spending with union mobile ordering

Despite being at max capacity during game-days, the staff at Smithfield Hall is able to effortlessly serve hundreds of guests by utilizing UNION Mobile Ordering. 

30 %
Increase in food sales
20 %
Increase in beverage sales
5 %
Increase in labor efficiency

Back-to-back games. Not a problem.

To control volume before UNION, Smithfield Hall would overstaff for game transitions, as well as have last-calls 30 minutes prior to the end of the first game. It would then take an additional 15 minutes to ramp up orders for the next game.

Smithfield regains 45 minutes of precious service time due to UNION. 

” I really don’t know how we managed last year without UNION Tableside Mobile Ordering. We literally CANNOT function without it now”


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